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15% Discount off MSRP on Qualified Purchases

by Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment

Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment

About Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment

Today, Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment is a global business with more than a million square feet of production facilities in Kentucky and Utah, employing more than 1200 workers.  Tarter launches several new products every year. Our Research & Development team rigorously tests each new item. Because the Tarter family and many of its employees live the lifestyle, we also test out every product on our own land. We can say confidently Tarter products are built to last and will truly improve life on your land.


Since 1945

Save big with us!

Receive 15% discount off each purchase
over $3,500 MSRP.*


  • This AgPack Promotional offer is valid to the purchaser of a new truck through a Certified Agriculture Dealer and is not transferrable.
  • All purchases must be prior to the offer expiration date.
  • This offer is valid only in the United States, except where prohibited by law.
  • This offer is valid for 365 days from the Qualified Purchase Date and will expire on the 366th day after said purchase.
  • Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment will verify consumer’s information against information received from Certified Agriculture Dealership.  While the Promotion Period runs from Jan. 1, 2021 – Dec. 31, 2021, Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment will extend the eligibility of this rebate to AgPack recipients for 12 months following the new truck purchase from a Certified Agriculture Dealer. Offer may be redeemed multiple times within a 12 month period. Each purchase is required to be over the minimum total of $3,500 before discount.
  • Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment reserves the right to modify or withdraw this offer at any time.
  • Eligible customers must be registered on the AgPack customer database.
  • This offer may not be used with any other Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment
  • offers.
  • Purchase must be made through one of Tarter’s AgPack Specialists. Contact @ 1-800-41-GATES or direct line 606-303-8117
  • The qualified AgPack recipient is required to order a minimum of $3,500.00 of qualified Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment, pre discount, to claim the 15% discount from MSRP benefit.
  • Subject to approval.
  • Must contact a Tarter Representative by agpack.team@tarterusa.com

*Offer Excludes all 3 Point Equipment

Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment

P.O. Box 39
Dunnville, KY 42528
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