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Filling the Ag Gap

Shouldn’t your favorite truck dealership understand agriculture?

We understand the gap that exists between the agricultural buyer and the commercial automotive industry because we’ve experienced it too.  That’s why we offer dealerships the opportunity to invest individually to become Ag-Smart. This certification is backed by timely and relevant training for sales, parts, and service managers alike.  It’s been designed to bridge the gap by helping to build trusted relationships between the ag buyer and all dealership departments that impact the vehicle lifecycle.

Purchasing a truck from a Certified Agriculture dealership means ag customers can have a new level of confidence that they are working with a team that understands their business, is educated on trends and what’s important, and can truly fill a much-needed void in expertise when it comes to buying new vehicles for agricultural use.

If your desired dealership isn’t certified, you can recommend them here. (You should also ask them why and share this site with them.)

If you are a dealership and would like to get certified, please click here.