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Dealers Who Get You

There’s a difference between straw & hay. Thoroughbreds & drafts. Apples & oranges.

Purchasing a truck from a Certified Agriculture Dealership means ag customers should have a new level of confidence that they are working with a team that understands their business, is educated on trends and what’s important, and who can truly fill a much-needed void in expertise when it comes to buying new vehicles for agricultural use.

As a Certified Agriculture Dealer, we’ve learned that hay is a forage harvested to feed animals. And straw is baled using what’s left after combining wheat, oats, rice, or rye. It makes great bedding material. So now we know that what you need as an American farmer or rancher is often far different than what other businesses and families need from their vehicles.

But of course, you already know that. Just want you to know, we do too.

While most of us dealers are not farmers or ranchers, we’ve made an investment and commitment to help us know more about who you are and what you need.